Vehicle Trackers - GPS Systems

According to Delhi police statistics 9895 motor vehicle theft cases were reported during the year 2008 as against 8039 cases of the corresponding period of last year, showing an increase of 23.08%. Majority of these are not solved due to lack of evidence M.V. Thefts in Delhi have been attributed mostly to the increase in number of motor vehicles and inadequate parking space. The reluctance of vehicle owners to install safety devices has also been a major contributory factor. Increasing number of vehicles and growing population is something that our security forces are unable to deal with and it requires us to take measures to protect our own assets. A GPS based vehicle tracking system can help you locate your car using a mobile phone or the Internet.

  • Anti-theft: A principal concern of new vehicle owners is that their car will be stolen. Using a GPS personal vehicle tracking software, your vehicle can be quickly located if it is stolen. Car thieves have learned that stealing cars is not as lucrative a profession to be involved in any more, They stay especially clear of cars displaying a GPS system sticker. Insurance companies look very favorably on owners that install GPS personal vehicle tracking software.

  • Emergency Assistance: GPS personal vehicle tracking software will be able to provide totally accurate information of your car's whereabouts. In an emergency situation, this will enable instant access to receive medical or emergency assistance. It can be used to track a family member's whereabouts. Also how they are driving and where they are headed.

  • Convenience: Wondering if you locked your car before stepping into your house, office or shopping mall? No need to walk back to the car or central locking remote's range.
      -  Lock and unlock your vehicle by simply sending an SMS.
      -  Provision to hear audio from inside the vehicle and also talk with the occupants.